Week Four Blog

The concept of Treaty Education is a tough topic to bring into classrooms, mainly since most educators are not properly educated on the topic itself. Three valuable resources to use with Treaty education are discussed.

Claire’s presentation talked about the importance of introducing Treaty Ed in classrooms, especially if there are not many indigenous students in the classroom. Claire also stated, “more effort into cultural programming” should be in schools that have a minority of indigenous students. Her video touched upon the benefits of learning responsibilities of sharing the land with treaty peoples and settlers. Treaty education is important to implement in classrooms so children are aware of Canada’s history and the people.

Dwayne’s article touches on educators and their ability to teach. He talks about educators and aboriginal perspectives – stating that they are meant to teach them but may not know anything about them. He says that there is a genuine interest in doing a better job in teaching Treaty Education and it is up to educators to approach it in a way that is captivating for students. Dwayne talks about the relationships you have with information is the way that you will approach them and discuss them. In other words, whatever relationship you have with any type of curriculum information is the way you present it – it could be negative or positive.

Cynthia’s article talks about immigration to Canada with her family, how every person is a ‘treaty’ person and how important it is to listen. This article is a good article to look at to see perspectives on culture.

We are all treaty people is a term that is used quite a bit, however, it is true! We are all treaty people – we all have a place on this land and an understanding of how things are done. We must teach our students about treaty land, rights, and responsibilities.


Chambers, Cynthia “We are all Treaty People” https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RpFQAVShNlNLA9u6aXv7udGnzTGk5LNN/view

Claire Intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWY_X-ikmaw&feature=youtu.be

Donald, Dwayne- “On What Terms Can We Speak?” https://vimeo.com/15264558

One thought on “Week Four Blog

  1. Hi Tasia,

    If a teacher feels like they might not know enough about treaty education, what are some ways in which they might be able to improve their knowledge on the subject? How can teachers make their treaty education lessons captivating and engaging for their students? Why might it be even more important that students in schools or classrooms without many/any indigenous students receive a proper treaty education program in their schooling?




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