Week Five Blog Post

What examples of citizenship education do you remember from your K-12 schooling? What types of citizenship (e.g. which of the three types mentioned in the article) were the focus? Explore what this approach to the curriculum made (im)possible in regards to citizenship

  • During my years in K-12 education, the examples of citizenship that I can remember are closely related to the personally responsible citizen and the participatory citizen. I feel that these two were heavily focused on. The personally responsible student could be someone who arrives on time, hands in homework and follows directions. A participatory student could be someone who participate in classroom discussions and share their newfound knowledge. My own experiences in schooling would allow me to relate personally responsible citizens as something that my schooling was trying to get us to do… be responsible for ourselves, our work and own learning.

What does the approach we take to citizenship instruction in any given place tell us about that place? About what the curriculum makers value? About what kinds of citizens they want to produce?

  • The instruction path we take in regards to citizenship tells us a lot about a place – it will or can tell us about the way the place wants people to be and how they want them to act in public situations as well as in their day to day life. The curriculum makers want to focus on making citizens that are personally responsible (responsible for themselves, reliable, show up for work, hard workers).

One thought on “Week Five Blog Post

  1. Good day,

    Good thinking regarding the citizenship models present in your schooling. I think many of us found similar things in our own schooling. I would be interested to hear you elaborate further on the implications of having solely personally responsible and participatory citizen models present in schooling


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